An Ocean View

Leaving my 9-5 programming job and moving to a desk-free, “digital nomad” lifestyle has been the most amazing journey of my life. I’ve had the chance to take in new experiences, meet new people, and see some pretty amazing things, but it wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t in front of the computer now and then, looking for projects and plugging away at a bit of code. Read More →

Home Office

I’ve been on the road a lot, and it’s not always easy to work in cafes as you dream it will be. There’s that whole having to pay for more coffee when you don’t want another one (to avoid getting kicked out) thing- and after a while, the stiff chairs and lack of power outlets isn’t a huge plus. Read More →

Staring at a Screen

How long have you been sat there before you came across this article? The truth is that most of us spend way too much time staring at our screens all day.

The harsh truth is that even though we love our screens for work, TV, and just messing around on the internet, we have to take steps to make sure we don’t overdo it. Read More →

A mousetrap is a specialized animal trap designed to catch mice and other small animals. You can place mousetraps in an indoor location where you suspect possible infestation of rodents. There are numerous types of mousetraps, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Larger traps are fabricated to trap larger animal species such as squirrels (although the use of squirrel traps is certainly arguable) and rats. The most popular types of mousetrap designs you might see today include the mouth mousetrap, spring-loaded bar mousetrap, inert gas mousetrap, live-catching mousetraps, bucket trap, and glue traps (which you should avoid).


The traditional spring-loaded mousetrap was invented by Hiram Maxim, who also invented the Maxim gun. The first patented mouse trap was designed by William C. Hooker and received its patent, US patent 528671, in 1894.

In 1897, James H. Atkinson, a British inventor invented the “Little Nipper” prototype. The prototype has a small flat wooden base, wire fastenings, and a spring trap. In 1920, Austin Kness developed the All Multiple Catch Mouse traps that do not use bait and can catch several mice before resetting.

Cheese is placed at the tip as bait, but any other food such as chocolate, peanut butter, oats, meat or bread are able to be used. The design is such that the spring-loaded bar swings quickly with great force, once the mouse touches the lever, striking the mouse’s neck, ribs, and spinal cord.


The base of mousetraps is typically made from wood or plastic. Pine wood is preferred because it is solid and comparatively inexpensive to other kinds of wood. Plastic made from injection molding can be used if it leaves locations to hold the metal parts on the base of the mouse board. Plastic mousetraps can resist degradation better than wood ones.

The bait pedal is usually a piece of die-cut metal with a bait mount, and a nub that enables it to pivot very slightly in the confines of its staples. The trigger rod and striker are released through the pivoting action, with the slightest movement of the bait by the mice.

All metal elements are fastened to the mouse-board with metal staples that extend through the mouse-board onto the board so that the parts do not easily pull off.

Throughout its history, the design of the mousetrap has changed very little and even the manufacturing is quite similar to the earliest designs. Given how long the mousetrap has been in use, this is a remarkable feat indeed.


Mousetraps are simple in design and yet quite precise. They operate under low tolerances; they have to detect very small movements. But they are also highly effective. Mousetraps can deliver a very high catch rate and they have numerous advantages over other kinds of mice control like poisons. Having mice problems of your own? You should certainly consider the device for your home and office rodents extermination needs. And everyone else should celebrate the engineering design and genius behind this common everyday item, however simple it may seem.

Everyday passes me by and I keep on wondering of a day where my coding won’t be relevant anymore… will that day ever come?

As most of you know, I spend a lot of time behind this screen. There are certain things I have grown familiar with (programming and coding are what people usually like to call it) but these are skills I’ve learned over time and experience. What happens when all of that is gone?

When I’m not working on a brand new app or game, I like to daydream about the end of my career: It’s not that far-fetched as you’d think! With the way technology is moving at nowadays, programmers are luck to stay relevant in the scene. So what if you know C++? Java? HTML 5? What’s next, right?

The fact remains that things are moving and upgrading so quickly that it’s really quite the challenge staying abreast of all the latest languages at our disposal. You spend several years learning a particular workflow and some random upstart introduce a brand new thing that revolutionizes the world in half the time it took you to get a grasp of your favorite code.

There was a strange, philosophical animated movie released a while back starring Keanu Reeves and it featured a particular mode of thinking… about technological advancements in particular. I can’t remember the title of it but was really awesome.

It discusses the shortening of time between technological revolutions and how the modern world is not awaiting the next big tech evolution but is actually experiencing several revolutions in far less time than in any point in human history! What a concept…

But what about now? There is a technological revolution almost every weekend! Imagine humanity in a time before steam and engines or how about before the agricultural revolution? How about modern medicine and what about the age of fire and metalworks? All of these moments ushered in new ages of technology and our species grew along with them.

Nowadays we can literally live anywhere we want and not have to worry about clean drinking water in our homes. Water filtration systems and modern plumbing has given us the comforts unheard of in ancient times for a fraction of the price! Technology has made it so…

The internet is truly to blame, I think. All this information, available to all, free of charge… all at your fingertips for nothing but the cost of a monthly data plan and a mobile device. And this information has freed us! We are regularly glued into all the latest updates and developments from the screens of our tablets and our PC workstations and the entire world is literally locked in! Can you even imagine the implications of that?? When else has there ever been a time that you can literally ask yourself a question and just type it out and get an answer? Our entire planet is wired in and aware of things faster than ever. It’s literally funny watching the governments of the world trying to play catch up!
Whatever the case may be, I always try to imagine a time back in my youth, hanging on my grandfather’s wooden porch swing, wondering what I was going to become when I grew up. And here I am–at the forefront of technology as a professional programmer, wondering if I will still have a job next year. What a crazy world…

High-end rice cookers are marvels of modern technology, no longer are they just for cooking rice they have so many different built in functions that you could use them for every meal. I bought one recently and took it with me when I went on a road trip (along with a few other things of course, like a multi-purpose knife —actually a high-quality survival knife — and lightweight compact dishes and pots). Modern rice cookers do run off electricity for the most part. Rice cookers are great in that they are engineered to be efficient in their use of power and take only the time necessary to cook, then shut off automatically. Usually when cooking rice on a stove top there is lots of lost heat around the sides of the pot and uncertainty about the cooking time. A rice cooker minimizes that lost heat and you can set them on a program and forget about it without any worry. So they’re designed to produce perfect rice but in the process use as little electricity as possible. If you are road tripping too, they are no problem to take along with you in a car. Once you stop at a hotel for the night you can use the cooker to make your evening meal without the need for a kitchenette. Same thing in the morning: rice cookers are great for making different types of porridge as well.

Here’s an idea for a one-pot meal you can make if you like clams; if you don’t like clams search the internet for one-pot rice cooker meals: there are plenty!

Clam Chowder

  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 1 c. chopped onion
  • 1 c. celery (with leaves!) chopped
  • 2 cloves of chopped garlic
  • 2 c. small potatoes cubed
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • 2 c. vegetable stock
  • 1 c. cream
  • 1 16 ounce can of clams, chopped
  • 1 bay leaf
  • a small sprig of thyme

Set your rice cooker to sauté if it has a sauté function or use the steam function to gentle fry. Brown the onion, celery and garlic in the melted butter for five minutes.

Add the tbsp. of flour and mix well. Pour in the two cups of vegetable stock and add the bay leaf, sprig of thyme and chopped potatoes. Close the lid, set to simmer and let everything bubble for twenty minutes.

Add the cream and chopped clams with their liquid. Continue simmering for another ten minutes. It’s ready! Serve with a baguette or other crusty bread.

So, for that recipe everything can be fresh from a farmer’s market — including the clams — and take less time to cook than it would take you to go out to a restaurant, order, and wait. You’d also have control over the ingredients and … freshness — none of this yesterday’s leftovers business.

I hope you are convinced that this is the way to go. If you don’t have a rice cooker yet, get one. If you respond that you don’t eat rice very often and therefore it is not worth the investment I would say that there are so many more things that you can do with a rice cooker, not just cook rice.

The impact of design on technology can be seen here: Bay Area SEO Services . From the very beginning engineers have known how to do technical things, but the stumbling block has always been how to translate the technical to the human usable.  Apple does a great job of this.

This also applies to the field of SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is the practice of making your website stand out to humans and the search engines, so it can get useful traffic.

The more traffic your site gets, the more it is recognized the search engines. This becomes a virtuous loop where the search engines serve high quality content to its customers and the customers continue to use the search engine and read the content.

Therefore search engines need to measure the satisfaction of their customers. The search engines try to measure all the relevant metrics they can. They measure whether or not the user does the same search again. whether the user stays on your site, how long they stay on the site and many more metrics. You can read more about this here: Moz blog.

Because of this website design is a critical field which straddles the fields of technology and art. Web designers need to understand the technical and semantic ramifications of the design choices they make.

Some ways in which web design impacts your site’s SEO:

The Logo

The logo is often the first thing the user sees and quickly lets the user know if he has arrived at a quality site that is on point with the topic he is looking for. If the user is nervous about coming to your site, a quality logo can make all the difference.


Navigation is the practice of providing your user a way to find all the content on your site. If a user can easily find the rest of your content the search engines will reward your site. It is important that your user can find your content.  I you have valuable content, make sure it can be found and the navigation design is easy to use.

Accuracy and Preciseness

Accuracy is the practice of being truthful and straightforward. But you can be accurate without being precise. For example if I say “where are you” and you say “earth”, you are being accurate without being precise. If your website is accurate and not precise, you’ll probably find that most people don’t have much use for it. We need information that is useful in order to continue to stay on a site.


If your design is cluttered but cool the user can easily get confused and leave. Your SEO will suffer for this. Make sure you have “Call to Actions” (CTA) and that there are no more than 3 CTAs on each page.

Encourage repeat visits

A repeat visitor will signal to the search engines that your site packs value and is worth the users time.  So make it easy for your users to continue engagement with you site: have a newsletter signup form, continue to create valuable content, and email that fact to your subscribers, have a xml feed and generally make it easy for you.

Conversion Design

Make sure your user can signup (buy or contact you) as easily as possible. You’ll have more conversions, and your users will stay longer and return more often.  This creates trust for your website which helps the search engines rank it higher. Design for usage and engagement and your site will rank much better in the search engines.

Design for speed

The slower your website the more likely the search engines are to ignore it. Users will give your site about 10 seconds to present them something interesting, otherwise they will move on. Therefore it is important not to design with heavy duty graphics which will weigh down your site. The faster your site is, the better. Both the users and the search engines are measuring how long it takes for your site to load.

NoNo: The Wall of Text

If all your users see is a “wall of text” when they get to your site, they will be blinded by the wall and leave. Make your content very readable by putting in headings and sub-headings and images. If you can convey an idea well with images, do it. It will help the readability and your readers will stay on to read your content and the search engines will like you.


If you learn how to do infographics, you’ll learn how to show information quickly and efficiently using visuals. Humans are very visual and you’ll be presenting good design and lots of information quickly. Thsi will encourage users to share your content and dig further into your site. Search engines will like this!

Web Design as a field that straddles both technology and design.  SEO is a job that is integral to web design — it is a critical part to SEO and usability. Hopefully this article will help you understand the intersection of all these things and it will make your website better.

I’m will forever be a technology geek. I love new gadgets and finding out how things work as much as I can. But like many others, I have always had a tendency to take my health for granted. For that reason, I recently have taken my personal fitness a bit more seriously. Although being a tech geek I’m always on the lookout for technology that can make anything more efficient and enjoyable, my fitness has been no different. I have been really surprised at the amount of technology that has been and is currently being developed for the purpose of tracking and knowing more about our bodies and how they react to fitness. That got me thinking and led me to write this article about 3 major tech trends that are changing how we workout.

Wearable Tech

This trend has been around for awhile now, as there have been heart rate monitors and other similar products for years now. But recently, there has been an explosion of products that are all-in-one devices that let you get more out of your workouts. Fitbit is a big one right now but the new iPhone and the Apple Watch are a few new products that have fitness tracking abilities as a major selling point. Consumers are beginning to expect this in newer handheld products. I really enjoy this trend because working out at times can be boring and monotonous, but I always enjoy getting done with my workout and seeing how many calories I burned, my heart rate, and other health stats. It’s sort of like a game and that makes fitness more enjoyable.

Free Information

In the past, to find out more about nutrition, workouts, supplements and other things in fitness, you had to deal with the “gatekeepers” as I call them. You had to go to a personal trainer, nutritionist or deal with the people at the supplement store to get any information. That’s not the case any longer, as there is a plethora of information out there today and it’s completely free. For me, this is a great thing because I like to gather as much information as I can and then make a decision about something when I feel I understand everything. For instance, when I had been working out for a couple of months, I had noticed that my energy levels were a little low. I knew enough about fitness to know that pre workouts and bcaa supplements can help with this, so instead of heading to the supplement store, I simply headed to Google. I typed in best bcaa and best pre workout supplements (or something along those lines) and I found a wealth of information about products, how effective they were, and was able to compare prices as well.

Online Communities

The biggest change to me in how we workout is the rise of social media and quality online fitness communities. I joined a couple of fitness groups on Facebook that came recommended by friends and I was amazed at the level of support and friendliness I found in these groups. If I was having a bad day and didn’t feel like working out, I would post something about it in the group and was inundated with responses encouraging me to keep fighting and strategies to help me. Not only was it encouraging, I was able to learn all kinds of information about workouts and nutrition that I would have only learned traditionally by hiring a personal trainer or being lucky and knowing a fitness guru personally. I really think these sorts of communities are going to be the wave of the future heading forward as they allow people to connect and learn new information in an effective way.

Google is an international juggernaut that was originally created to help users scour the web for information that they wanted to know. Over the years, they have become much more complex with the company growing into smartphones, computers, cars, TV, health and now even into robotics. But one thing has always stayed pretty consistent with them – they want you to find what you are looking for on the internet. What has changed though is how they are deciphering what users really want compared to how they used to do this.

If you are like me, you remember those websites you would run across in the early days of the internet that were merely created to rank high in Google and didn’t offer much value to the reader. Back then, if you wanted to rank for KC SEO or SEO Springfield MO all you had to do was create a webpage and sprinkle those phrases into an article 10-30 times and you could rank for that keyword. Google realized this wasn’t providing the best user experience and wasn’t giving people what they were looking for so they changed the way it ranked sites and brought information to its users. Over the years, Google has really improved finding relevant information for what you were looking for better and much easier for sure.

But even today, Google is still tweaking and changing how you find the information you are looking for. The example I gave before was just one of many, as Google has changed the way it ranks sites from the links it gets, social media shares, quality of the content itself, how respected a site is or isn’t, and many more factors that we don’t even know about. The biggest change that has come is that they are recognizing that mobile internet usage is growing every year. Up to as much as 40% of internet traffic is from smartphones and mobile devices. So Google is now making the web more accessible and user friendly for those that use the web from those devices.

On April 21st of this year, Google rolled out some significant changes to the way that it provides search engine results to mobile users. If a site isn’t considered “mobile friendly,” then they will not show that site in search results for users if they are using a mobile device. This is an important change and something that, in all honesty, is a great move because they are recognizing where the trends are going. This may be a bad thing to many website owners that don’t have a mobile-friendly site, but let’s be honest – if your site wasn’t showing well for mobile users, then you were leaving a lot of potential money, readers, and visitors to your site on the table anyway.

This is just the latest change that Google has made and there will be many more. If we have learned anything from them it’s that they aren’t afraid to shake things up. Sometimes, I think the things Google does is sort of “Evil Empire” like, but in the case of giving users a better experience when searching for things, they’ve hit the nail right on the head. If you are a business owner, web developer, or someone interested in what people are doing on the internet, then you should understand user trends and create websites that welcome these users, as the trend of mobile internet usage is just going to continue to grow.

There are a number of ways that technology has changed everything that comes with doing business. It does not matter whether you are running a fortune 500 company or are an entrepreneur who has entered the murky waters of the business world. As it is, technology has been proven to be one of the drivers of successful business, irrespective of whether they are SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) or multinationals. It is for this reason that business dynamics has drastically changed; including, how payments are made, transactions affected, and marketing strategies implemented. With a click of the mouse, you get everything done in micro seconds. Since the advent of the internet, the world has become more of a global village. Depending on the goods and services you are selling, you can have customers from anywhere in the world.

It is a fact that for a business to survive it must change with drivers of the industry. Since technology is fundamental in a number of ways, it makes it possible for companies to organize their data. In fact, with real-time data, companies are able to market their products to potential customers. Overall services will be delivered to a number of people across the world in real-time too.

If you do not have relevant information about your business or industry you will find it pretty difficult to keep up with cut-throat competition. In other words, your company will lag behind as the management will not have solid information to make progress. On the other hand, with a solid structure in place on gathering information and analyzing it, you will have an edge in the industry within which your operate. You do not need to worry about delays in payments as there are eWallets that you can bank on for swift payments, done any time.

There are innumerable internet marketing tools that you can use to change your company fortunes. However, you should only select those that can add value and enhance productivity. Note that not all of the tools will come in handy for your business, and if you have no idea on how to choose the correct one you should consult marketing experts.

Presently, the internet is a gold mine and if you can use customer-centric tools and take advantage of cloud computing you will reap the full benefits. Nevertheless, you need to work pretty hard to start seeing positive results. You cannot expect to create a website and assume customers will come running after you. It is essential to understand all things to do with SEO and social media campaigns. If you can have these done by professionals like a Mountain Brook SEO services company, then you can expect to see changes in revenue in a short period of time.

It is important to have a mobile site, use versatile marketing tools to get correct metrics, and use only but white hat SEO techniques if you want 1st Page ranking in search engines. There is no better way to market your products than with the use of technology. If you happen to partner with experts who understand the correct internet marketing tools, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

At University all engineering students shared a common first year. We all took 101 level:

  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Communication
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science and
  • A hands-on Laboratory class.

I always loved the lab because you would see the science at work in a real situation. I still remember it today that my favorite lab was one about fluid flow in pipes. You’d add some energy to the flow with a pump and measure the height the water could flow up to depending on how much energy you added to it. Fluid flow in pipes is quite simple, really. And this past weekend when I was out looking for a pressure washer it made me reminisce back to that lab because a pressure washer is just adding some energy to water to make it useful. For example, to clean surfaces – removing dirt and grime…

….So I wanted to write a post about my favorite 2 simple yet useful technologies for use around your home. They are: A pressure washer and a vacuum cleaner. I won’t go into too much detail about the engineering how each works but I just wanted to marvel at their wondrous simplicity and usefulness.

Pressure Cleaner

Of the 3 technologies in today’s post, I would guess the lowest percentage own a pressure washer. But I just bought one and let me tell you: they are amazing.

Here’s the deal:

You can get an electric pressure washer for about $150. An electric is what I bought. You plug it into your normal electric outlet and that powers a motor which powers a pump that adds enough energy to blast surface clean. All you do is plug it to the outlet for electricity and hook up your garden hose for water.

If you’re after more power you can get a gas power washer which is more expensive at around $400. With a gas unit you get more power, durability and noise. Because it has all the moving components of an internal combustion engine it will also require more maintenance.

The concept is so simple: Add energy to water to make it useful. I’m surprised it took me so long to start using one.

Vacuum Cleaner

I’m guessing you own a vacuum? But how often have you thought about how it works? Probably never. Well it works on the same principles as fluid flowing through a pipe, just like my favorite lab in first year University. Air is a fluid for all intensive purposes. And a vacuum cleaner uses an electric motor to turn a fan to pull air from the room through its intake port where the rotating brush is. As it pulls this air it pulls all the dirt from the carpet into its dust bag.

That’s it.

So with a pressure washer you push water through a hose and with a vacuum cleaner you pull air through a hose. Pretty amazing how simple it is when you break it down, hey? And a vacuum cleaner is considered a household essential – just like a fridge. Pretty cool.


It’s amazing how two seemingly different pieces of equipment work on the same principles of science. And funnily enough both are used to clean stuff.


The most common kind of pest problem is ants. Often when you’re working, you are going to get bits of food or drink spilled onto your computer. And for pests this is food, that they will come in search of. Ants are one of the most common pests in houses and unfortunately if they arrive they will generally arrive in large numbers. Some types of ants can even chew things to reach what they after. So the lesson here is to keep your computer area as free from food and drink spillages as you possibly can, and clean up if there is a spill. Air canisters are good for keeping the computer clean. If you have a consistent problem you could buy some ant powder or traps to keep the ants away.


Even worse than ants are cockroaches, a particularly unpleasant pest that can get into your computer through small holes and quickly breed when they get inside. They can quickly cause damage due to parts overheating or from them chewing through wires. To get rid of them you’ll likely need to take the computer apart and give it a very good clean and dispose of all the cockroaches. They will be attracted by dirt and food, so again try to keep your computer as clean as possible. And if the problem continues you could buy some cockroach traps. It is likely other parts of your house will be contaminated as well so you may need to bring in a pest controller to sort the problem out.


Onto larger sized pests – mice and rats. These are not only larger physically but will cause a larger problem, mainly because of their chewing. They love to build nests and will chew at anything to create one. There are plenty of measures that you can take to get rid of mice and rats including putting down traps.
Humane traps are the nicest ways to catch mice. You bait these plastic tunnels and then the mice gets trapped in them. You can then release the mice into the wild – but make sure you do it a fair distance from your house or they will come right back in!

The next type are the snap traps that you will find everywhere, and put some bait on them. These are effective but it’s not very pleasant to come down in the morning to see the mess that they have made of the rodent.
The next type are the sticky traps. The rodents will walk on them and then be unable to escape. These are effective but they don’t kill the rodent and you will have to do this yourself which won’t be very pleasant.
An even better type of trap are the electronic kind. The mouse is attracted into a tunnel where they trip a switch that electrocutes them. It’s a much less messy and more humane way to kill them.

Or if you don’t want to bother with any of this, you could get a pest controller in to sort the problem out.

Hope you never have a problem with pests in your computer, but if you do hopefully this advice will help you out.

It was a couple of years ago when Edward Snowden leaked information about how the NSA spied and collected information on millions of people around the globe. One of the major companies who were subject to this attack was Apple. However, since Snowden decided to leak information slowly rather than in one giant dump, some details about the security compromise are only starting to arise now. So, how deep does the leak actually go when it comes down to it? Well, here are some of the details you might want to know about how far the CIA’s hands got into the honeypot.

The Hack can possibly go very deep

One of the scariest revelations about the CIA’s attempts at cracking Apple’s firmware is that they’ve created an alternate version of the software. It was designed to provide a backdoor for developers, one that allowed them to install and upload surveillance malware. The Keylogger program is particularly invasive as it logs and sends out all key taps made targeting software that has a lot to do with your personal information.

Why does the CIA do this?

Apple has a huge chunk of the mobile and computer industry. When they announce a new product, usually people are incredibly excited and line up around the block to have the chance to buy an iPhone. It comes as no surprise that they would spend millions improving encryption technology and online security. The CIA is an intelligence agency whose sole purpose is to find new ways to exploit possible bugs and leaks. The simple logic behind the hacks is that if they can find an opening within Apples products, the easier it would be to target persons of interest, or to gather intelligence on a massive scale. Another sinister purpose would be to exploit these holes in order to gather trade and private information from high-level staff in these companies.

The development of new security cracking technology

Ultimately, software constantly grows, which means security methods have to keep up, which also causes hackers to up their game. The CIA follows these trends closely, and often employs methods of their own in order to find compromises in every large software company. The truth here is that Apple isn’t the only software company that has been subject to CIA hacking.

What does this mean for you?

Any attempt made by major governments to hack a company is not usually targeted at the common user. These programs are designed to hit major governments, insurgents, security threats, and sometimes, big companies.

Ultimately, the average users will not be under threat of attack or leakage, like when they search reviews for the best jogging stroller from this site or a t double jogging stroller from here. However, it would still be prudent to keep reading on these issues closely. This way, you are aware if your information could be subject to real compromising issues.

The evolution of mobile technology has allowed me to live a life that I could only dream of years ago. Being a computer engineer it is important that I have access to powerful tools which require advanced hardware and fast network connections. When I started working this was only available at my desktop workstation, but now I can work efficiently from anywhere in the world. In this article I am going to discuss my favorite technological tools that allow me to travel anywhere I would like, without being more than a short walk to a powerful workstation.

The first and foremost advance is the exponential increase in mobile processing power while simultaneously reducing power consumption. It is amazing what Intel has been able to pack into their mobile processors, supplying incredible computing power without quickly draining your battery. This is important in my field as much advanced modeling and calculating is required which would have taken forever to complete on older laptops. Now I can work without any delays due to processing speed with my Dell Precision laptop. Not only has this been great for work, but when I am out and about I like to be able to play games too. This again was not an option on older machines and gaming engines, but this laptop can now play the latest of games with brilliant graphics and performance. This has made my League of Legends experience incredible, and also allowed me to earn extra money on the road doing elo boosting at

None of this would be possible in locations that I like to travel to due to the lack of WIFI hotspots available. It is much more enjoyable to sit outside and work or play games, but this would be impossible without a quick internet connection. My Verizon 4G connection provides an average of 5-12 Mbps download speed and 3-4 Mbps upload speed which is more than enough to enjoy games and videos while on the road. It is pretty amazing that I can be sitting outside on the patio overlooking the water and experiencing the same connectivity as I would by being wired into a network connection.

The last piece of the puzzle which I am still working on is my blog, which I enjoy so much. While I am traveling the last thing I want to do is worry about if my website is safe and up to date. Especially when I need to spend time working on projects for clients. Fortunately, I have been working with the WordPress support professionals at Bairkan to help me manage and maintain my blog. They use software and technology specifically designed to keep my website secure, updated and always backed up to the Amazon cloud. I can sleep easy at night knowing that this is all automatically taken care of for me without having to lift a finger.

This entire lifestyle of being able to work from wherever I would like and travel is something that I have always dreamed of being able to do. And these great technologies and services have enabled me to fulfill these desires.

If you hadn’t realized it by now from reading this blog, I’m a big fan of Rebel Mouse. I’m on Rebel Mouse more than I’m on Twitter, which is saying a lot. I was actually asked the question of whether I think Rebel Mouse has the power to replace Twitter, which is an interesting question. The simple answer, is no, and by no I mean it has no chance whatsoever. But the more complicated answer is that it certainly has the power of taking some of the users away from Twitter.

To show how that is even possible, I’ll show you some examples, and I will also show you how a website which talks about anti aging is using both these social media platforms incredibly well. This is a great example I think, as it shows the extend companies are going to stay ahead in a very competitive industry like anti wrinkle creams and products.

The most interesting aspect of social media, is that you can make seemingly boring topics into something really interesting. Just look at the debate lately on what color the dress was. Who really cares? Well a lot of people apparently.

We found a review of LifeCell anti aging cream, which is interesting enough, but nothing special. But the way they made this more interesting, is by adding celebrity endorsements. This is an amazing way to increase social exposure as everyone loves celebrities. This has caused a simple review of an anti aging product to go viral using I find developments like this fascinating, and that’s the reason I think twitter is at risk from all these new social media platforms.

But then again, Twitter is just too big to ever go away forever. Twitter has millions of users around the world, constantly tweeting each other. It’s a social network with a great following and, talking from experience unfortunately, plenty of Twitter addicts.

To show what the power of a tweet can do, look at the same Twitter profile for this anti-aging product. Again they used celebrity endorsements, and received the same result as we described earlier, just a lot more effective. Thus the secret is not to think of social media platforms as separate websites, but as an arsenal in your tool box. In other words, don’t just use one social media website, but use as many as you can. That way, you’re more likely to be able to go viral with your new posts and you’ll increase your exposure. They could have made it even more powerful if they added a Facebook account. In fact, you’ll see big companies do this all the time, they have so many social properties, that whatever social website you use, you’re likely to see their marketing at some point. This is the real key to social marketing.

I hope that answers a lot of the question you had, and hopefully this post has given you a bigger insight in where the social world is heading right now. In my humble opinion, if you’re in the technology sector, you should be aware of any changes in the social media world, as this is the single biggest factor in technological change right now.

Rice cookers have evolved from the basic electric type to the most sophisticated models using high technology aiming to improve the taste of rice and not just cook it. Toshiba in Japan made the first model of rice cooker in 1955, while other companies started making their versions, adding more feature and innovation to extend the abilities of the kitchen appliance. You can now find microwave rice cookers, gas rice cookers, models that use induction heating and the fuzzy logic technology.

What is Fuzzy Logic Technology?

The term fuzzy logic refers to a many-valued logic, meaning, there are more than two possible values (true and false) for a given proposition. This is applied to different fields, and the Japanese were among the first to use it for practical applications. They used it on their first high-speed train, in pocket computers, even for automobiles. It is also utilized in home appliances such as washing machines that feature single-button control or vacuum cleaners that recognize degree of soiling or surface condition. Basic rice cookers operate single-mindedly, or in a mechanical manner. They cook rice at a specified time or keep it warm and that’s it. Fuzzy logic technology on the other hand, has made it possible for the appliance to be placed in various settings and offer more options to users.

How Does this Technology Improve Rice Cookers?

Certainly, fuzzy logic technology has greatly improved the versatility of the small kitchen appliance. Rice cookers that use this technology are created with computer chips that make it possible to do various adjustments, from temperature, time settings, and rice variety. Mathematical programming enables delivery of a range of cooking options. The appliance is able to react and do the task that he has to do. It is capable of coming up with precise adjustments.

This technology has made it possible to cook different variations of rice properly. In basic rice cookers, users only adjust the amount of water depending on the type of rice to be cooked. With the fuzzy logic technology, there’s no need for guesswork. The kitchen appliance can be set according to the type of rice being cooked, as well as the level of temperature. For instance, users can make sure that brown rice does not turn out mushy by setting the cooker in low temperature at extended cooking time. Cooking sushi rice also becomes easier and more precise, since some cookers feature a mode for making sushi rice.

Fuzzy logic rice cookers also operate under a basic model’s premise. It is their mathematical programming that delivers customized rice cooking options, making precise changes in cooking temperature and time based on the setting selected. Quick-cook cycle and keep-warm options become possible. This technology is a great help for homemakers since cooking rice becomes easier. However, fuzzy logic rice cookers are not the most sophisticated cookers you can see in the market. Manufacturers are continually developing the appliance, making for other systems to exist, such as the induction-heating models. Consumers can now choose the best rice cooker by visiting In addition, the rice cooker reviews in this page can be of great help.