Characteristics For A Successful Small Business

A small business idea or dream itself can be inspiring, but motivating yourself to make that dream come true is the hard part. You tend to overthink the negative side when starting up a small business like “Will this small business grow?”, “Will I be successful?”, “Do I have enough funds?” and a lot more you can degrade yourself with.


Now chill, sit and read. To calm your nerves and open your mind, here are 4 characteristics on how to make your small business prosper:


The Clearer, The Better — Having good eyesight is such a blessing, it’s easy to see things clearly. Like having a good eyesight, you should have a clear vision of your small business. Make it a mission or goal to let your small business grow big and successful.


Plan From A-Z — There are 26 letters in the alphabet for you to use when plan A failed. Starting your small business can be stressful and full of pressure but as you progress and your well-planned ideas come to life, then you are planning everything the right way.


Good Connections! — In the world of business, maintaining good connections with people who can help you is a must. They either help you grow or help you learn something from their experiences in the same field. Refer to some connection builder business in Manila.


Just Focus! — Once your goal and everything else is set, make it happen! Focus on the things that help and bring positivity to you and the business you are to build.


Your business may be small to start with but the list of characteristics you should possess to be successful. Remember to take risks and learn to let go of the things bringing you and your business down. Also, keep in mind that big businesses started out small and hired the right people to help them prosper to reach where they are today.

It’s about Millennials and Technology

Those people who are born in 1979 to 1997 are considered as the generation x or commonly known as the millennials. Further, this generation considered by most professionals as unique that has long sleeve gold sequin dress, beside from the fact that this era is more advanced, the children in these era grows up with Internet, cable tv’s and even artificial intelligence on their environment. Even the businesses in this era are different from the traditional method used.

Although they are sometimes called as the lazy generation, because they became more dependent on technology. Let’s take as natural beauty and skin care process as example. Most millennial ought towards using the kendal professional diamond microdermabrasion machine hb sf02 instead of soap, a simple facial cleanser and water.

Other than this, they work faster than the average one, because they are into multitasking than doing things all at once.

Technology for most working people would treat it as one of their employee, because it serves as their medium to negotiate with their clients and even the human staff. In result to the modern advantages, employees has the power to work in their homes as long as they have an internet connection. Many new jobs are offered to tech-savvy and that is thanks to the problems encountered due to failure in their systems.

These people can enhance their creativity to personalize their emails, Slack and Instant messages. The purpose of this is not only to beautify a blunt systems in their computers, but to motivate their self through self-expression in art.

In addition, a manipulation to any picture would be easy to anyone who are willing to explore new things ahead of them and this is convenient for your part especially if you want to purchase a winter rompers for women, plus size cotton nightgowns and an earrings amazon, if going outside is giving you a headache.

Hence, technology was invented for a purpose of serving the humankind, and not the otherwise.

Five Popular iOS Game Apps in 2017

The fact that our smartphones can do almost anything is the main reason why we always have our heads down and eyes on our 4-inch screens. There’s wifi, there’s texting and of course, there are games. One of the best ways to kill time while on the train or when waiting for someone in a coffee shop is to play some games in your phones and sitting with some experts in the industry creating and marketing the apps like the Cebu SEO specliast in Philippines. With Apple’s top game charts within access, here are five games that took the iphone market by storm in the year 2017.


Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s most iconic game has come for the iOS users! Because it seems like most people purchase iphones more than handheld game consoles, Nintendo has finally made an iOS version of the Super Mario game. It’s as easy as tapping the screen to let Mario jump. You can download this for free and you can try out four modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, REmix 10, and Kingdom Builder.


Snake vs. Block

An game that’s easy to play but hard to score high. What you have to do is swipe to guide the snake of balls and smash the blocks. It has over 100k ratings and have very good reviews from the people who have tried playing it. It gives you the kind of frustration that makes you wanna harshly take off your amazon sterling silver earrings and some clothes bought on top 10 women’s online clothing stores.


Candy Crush Saga

It’s amazing people still asked on what shoes to wear with black dressy jumpsuit and how Candy Crush Saga still belongs to the best of 2017 category. This game blew up a long time ago and is still popular until now. It’s one of the best games to play when you’re waiting for you mom to finish shopping for that elegant one piece jumpsuit. Who would’ve thought that switching and matching candies would be loved by millions of people all over the world?


Piano Tiles 2

Similar to the Taptap game before, it’s tapping just the black tiles in accordance with the music playing. You choose your preferred level of difficulty and they have lots of songs to offer. When finishing the song, the song plays again in a faster tempo to see how fast you can go in clicking the black tiles only.


8 Ball Pool

Play billiards on screen anytime, anywhere. Plus, if you have wifi, play with your friends online. It’s one of the best ways to have a good time even if you’re miles apart. Not only that, you can challenge other people from all over the world as well. You can also be involved in 8 player tournaments, and level up to play in other cities.

Five Nostalgic Gadgets from the 90’s

The battle between Samsung and Apple greatly contributed to the smartphone invasion in the world. It’s probably the most convenient gadget ever made because it seems like everything you need is in a smartphone ― a means of communication, a camera, and different forms of entertainment such as games.


It’s no wonder that every person we see today seem to be looking down on their 4-5 inch screens. This made it easy for us to push our favorite childhood gadgets in the back of our mind. For the 90’s kids, you’ve probably forgotten about your Tamagotchi pet and Super Mario days.  Well, let’s take a trip down memory lane and let nostalgia take over, shall we?



Tekken, Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy were the crowd favorite back in the day. This entertaining game console is good for bringing people together. You can play with your family or invite your friends over and have a great time. Order some pizza and you have a memorable Saturday night ahead.



This 8-bit handheld gaming device was developed by Nintendo. When I hear someone say “Game boy”, the first thing that comes into mind would definitely be Super Mario. It was and still a very fun game like spin the shot to play. It’s surely the best way to kill time when you’re bored waiting for your mom shop for your dad in the men’s clothing collection.



Similar to Sony’s Playstation, the N64 also has a wide variety of games you could choose from. Who could ever forget Mario games? Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros were some of the best women jumpsuits dressy. Other popular games were The Legend of Zelda, Golden Eye 007, and Star Fox 64.



As a kid, taking care of a pet is probably what matters the most. Having a colorful look with cute characters, the keychain-sized virtual simulation game easily became one of the biggest toy fads in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s like every kid had a Tamagotchi at hand wherever they went.



The ancestor of all mp3 players and ipods is the Sony Walkman. It’s the portable audio device that allowed us to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Wolf lovers and dog lovers could sing along to their favorite tunes while drawing some wolves and walking their dog.


Among these 5 gadgets of the 90’s, what was your favorite?


At University all engineering students shared a common first year wearing some elegant dressy jumpsuits and rompers. We all took 101 level:

  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Communication
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science and
  • A hands-on Laboratory class.

I always loved the lab because you would see the science at work in a real situation. I still remember it today that my favorite lab was one about fluid flow in pipes. You’d add some energy to the flow with a pump and measure the height the water could flow up to depending on how much energy you added to it. Fluid flow in pipes is quite simple, really. And this past weekend when I was out looking for a pressure washer it made me reminisce back to that lab because a pressure washer is just adding some energy to water to make it useful. For example, to clean surfaces – removing dirt and grime…

….So I wanted to write a post about best case studies done by Cebu SEO and about my favorite 2 simple yet useful technologies for use around your home. They are: A pressure washer and a vacuum cleaner. I won’t go into too much detail about the engineering how each works but I just wanted to marvel at their wondrous simplicity and usefulness.

Pressure Cleaner

Of the 3 technologies in today’s post, I would guess the lowest percentage own a pressure washer. But I just bought one and let me tell you: they are amazing.

Here’s the deal:

You can get an electric pressure washer for about $150. An electric is what I bought. You plug it into your normal electric outlet and that powers a motor which powers a pump that adds enough energy to blast surface clean. All you do is plug it to the outlet for electricity and hook up your garden hose for water.

If you’re after more power you can get a gas power washer which is more expensive at around $400. With a gas unit you get more power, durability and noise. Because it has all the moving components of an internal combustion engine it will also require more maintenance.

The concept is so simple: Add energy to water to make it useful. I’m surprised it took me so long to start using one.

Vacuum Cleaner

I’m guessing you own a vacuum? But how often have you thought about how it works? Probably never. Well it works on the same principles as fluid flowing through a pipe, just like my favorite lab in first year University. Air is a fluid for all intensive purposes. And a vacuum cleaner uses an electric motor to turn a fan to pull air from the room through its intake port where the rotating brush is. As it pulls this air it pulls all the dirt from the carpet into its dust bag.

That’s it.

So with a pressure washer you push water through a hose and with a vacuum cleaner you pull air through a hose. Pretty amazing how simple it is when you break it down, hey? And a vacuum cleaner is considered a household essential – just like a fridge. Pretty cool.


It’s amazing how two seemingly different pieces of equipment work on the same principles of science. And funnily enough both are used to clean stuff.