An Ocean View

Leaving my 9-5 programming job and moving to a desk-free, “digital nomad” lifestyle has been the most amazing journey of my life. I’ve had the chance to take in new experiences, meet new people, and see some pretty amazing things, but it wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t in front of the computer now and then, looking for projects and plugging away at a bit of code. Read More →

Home Office

I’ve been on the road a lot, and it’s not always easy to work in cafes as you dream it will be. There’s that whole having to pay for more coffee when you don’t want another one (to avoid getting kicked out) thing- and after a while, the stiff chairs and lack of power outlets isn’t a huge plus. Read More →

Staring at a Screen

How long have you been sat there before you came across this article? The truth is that most of us spend way too much time staring at our screens all day.

The harsh truth is that even though we love our screens for work, TV, and just messing around on the internet, we have to take steps to make sure we don’t overdo it. Read More →

Leaving my full time job and working as a freelance web developer has pretty much transformed my life. It provides me with a freedom that I could only dream of at my old job. Now I work fewer hours, can work any where in the world and at any time that I want. This all started around 3 years ago when I was still working as a computer programmer at my old job. Life was great until I got into a car accident which caused a whiplash injury to my neck. Several doctor visits later, I was still in a lot of pain and the official prognosis was that the pain will eventually go away. The continuous pain affected my performance at work and eventually I was let go after 6 months. The car accident was not my fault, but yet, I was paying for it by getting fired and living with pain all day long. I even tried to get legal help and claimed whiplash compensation, but the red tape and bureaucracy is mind numbing. When my lawyer could not help, I scoured the internet to find resources to help with my claim. Eventually I gave  up and just waited for thing to get better.

Getting fired from my job turned out to be one of the best things that have happened to me. Now that I had a lot of free time, most of which was spent online, I looked at some freelance websites and got a couple of small projects. I never realized that this could be converted into a full time income, but I eventually involved in a big project, paying really well. That was when I decided that I would not go back to my corporate job and just try to make a full time income as a freelancer. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but eventually I was making a six figure income from freelancing.

My experience with the government left me jaded and I couldn’t help resent paying taxes to the government when their legal system failed to provide me with protection when I needed it the most. I did a lot of research about changing nationalities and ended up moving to Dubai. It offered a great life style and best of all, there’s no income tax. The moving process was simple enough. I found tons of information online about moving companies in Dubai and it took only 3 weeks to plan and move all my stuff across the Atlantic.

As a freelancer, there’s tons of opportunities in Dubai. First of all, you can get access to cheap skilled labor from all the neighboring Asian countries. A lot of my work is repetitive and is usually outsourced. Now I have an office in downtown Dubai and have a staff of content writers and developers who help manage my growing list of clients. Previously I used to outsource most of my work, but it’s a lot better to have these people working alongside you in the same office. I have also had a good experience with investing in real estate here in Dubai. With the huge influx of expats moving into UAE,  the real estate is a scarce commodity. House pricing have been on a steady increase since the bust in 2008 and provides a great investment opportunity.

Binoculars aim at achieving the objective of a closer look for objects at a distance. Though all brands of binoculars aim at achieving this objective, they come with different specifications. In this, you will find different binoculars to serve different purposes.

This aspect is enhancing especially with the advancement in technology. Technological advancement is improving the functionality of binoculars. The following are some of the top high tech binoculars the market has to offer.

Sony DEV 50V Digital Recording Binoculars

This set of binoculars from Sony takes one of the top positions due to the following features.

- It comes with seamless zoom that ranges from as low as 0.8x all the way to 25x magnification.

- It can be used for sharp images even in deem lighting thanks to its OLED finder.

- It is also designed to be dust proof and rain proof. This makes it ideal for also the outdoors without exposing it to too much risk.

- Its visibility is enhanced with its steady image stabilization feature. It does not stop at this; visibility is also enhanced with its autofocus hyper gain feature. This promotes better viewing is low-light environments.

These features enable viewing of fast moving objects under any environment.

Canon 10×30 IS Ultra- Compact Binoculars

These Binoculars from Canon has its set of outstanding features too. These include:

- It comes with a built-in image stabilizer for better focus.

- Its doublet field-flattener feature allows for a sharp image view from all angles.

- To prevent fatigue, it comes with long eye relief.

- To ensure it does not get damaged by water, it is coated by a rubber coating. This rubber coating also promotes a firm grip.

- It comes with a compact design with a magnification is constant at 10x.

Leica Geovid HD-B Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

Leica has introduced these binoculars with an outstanding integrated ballistic system. This tool targets hunters and shooters. The aim gets better even from a distance. The system in place ensures that the individual is accurate without having to spend so much time aiming at the target.

It is also light in weight. If you are looking to hunt without getting too close to the target, this is the binoculars for you. You can also use it if hunting is simply a sport for you.

Zeiss Victory T RF Range finding Binoculars

These binoculars take hunting to a whole new level. Other than the ballistic information system, it also comes with a digital laser rangefinder. This combination works to capture a hunters’ target market who take hunting seriously.

It is waterproof, fog proof as well as dustproof making it ideal for the outdoors. It comes with an average of 10x magnifications allowing for clarity. To prevent fatigue and loss of focus, it comes with eye relief of 15.5mm.

The above binoculars are reviews of the top high tech binoculars introducing to the market technological advancement. They define quality, durability, accuracy, as well as a well-defined level of functionality.

Within a customer’s mind, there is nothing any more unprofessional than getting in touch with a company and getting a full voicemail message inbox, busy signal or even worse – having absolutely no answer at all. Thankfully, with new and constantly improving cloud based technologies, even the smallest companies can easily have advanced business phone systems like Fortune 500 companies without having to break the bank. So, if you are managing a one-man operation or have merely a handfull of employees, how could you ensure that your telephone system is sufficient? Purchase a Hosted PBX solution.

Basically, Hosted PBX is a type of cloud-based Voice over ip technology that enables small and sometimes medium-sized companies to get an advanced phone system at a very reasonable cost and with no upfront investment in phone equipment. Having a hosted PBX business phone system, just the phones are in your business. The expenses and obligation of powering, sustaining, and supporting the telephone system are handled by the cloud pbx provider and monitored remotely. 

The Benefits of Hosted PBX

When compared to a conventional phone service or workplace telephone system, cloud PBX provides several benefits to assist in making your business thrive. Here are some key features.

Initial and Recurring Savings

With a cloud PBX solution, your workplace phone system is managed and taken care of by your service provider, therefore there is no reason to purchase a large upfront investment by buying a business office telephone system. Since your equipment is rented from the service provider, there’s also zero cost for long term repairs, upkeep or improvements.

Telephone Feature Set

Like a Fortune 500 phone system, a virtual hosted PBX solution allows you to transfer phone callers, create conference calls, create customized hold audio or messaging and call forwarding all from an automated assistant, just to name just a few!

Geographic Versatility

If they will work at home, in different offices, using mobile phones or working abroad, a cloud hosted pbx telephone system lets personnel work from anywhere yet still be linked to the same business phone system.

Local Presence

A Hosted PBX phone system enables you to have numerous telephone numbers all linked to one phone system. No matter where you or your subscriber base is – NY, Taiwain, or simply across town, you’re able to create a local presence by providing local exchange telephone numbers for your clients around the world.

Improved Client Loyalty

Making customers feel appreciated is essential to developing customer loyalty and using a voip cloud PBX system, you’re able to do just that. Using features such as automatic attendant, call forwarding and call waiting, there is no doubt they are going to feel well looked after during their calls!


A high quality sounding phone solution provides instant trustworthiness to even the most basic businesses, which explains why this kind of product is a simple and cost-effective option for businesses seeking to go a step further for customers.


In contrast to conventional telephone systems that are restricted to the amount of users they are able to support and by the number of lines that were initially bought from a local exchange, PBX in the cloud systems can easily grow as your company grows. It is super simple to add or eliminate extensions to satisfy your company needs.

Fast Setup

In comparison to a conventional phone system which may be labor and time-consuming, a cloud phone system will have your company phone system running very quickly.

Ease of Use

Web-based administration portals enable you to manage, monitor, and make modifications to your Hosted VOIP service anytime, without the assistance of the provider. It is an easy way to keep an eye on your system – with absolutely no unique skills or knowledge required!

Today’s clients require professionalism and reliability whenever communicating with companies both large and small, making a Hosted PBX solution an asset for just about any company seeking to improve their credibility and as a result, drive sales. Using the help of a cloud based PBX provider, your company can easily relax, understanding that you’ve got a trustworthy partner looking after you and portraying a professional image for your customers.

I recently purchased the Epic Soccer Skills training online course, and couldn’t be happier with the results I have gotten so far. To be honest I was always kind of ambivalent toward soccer. It just didn’t interest me that much. But then one day I was invited to play at one of the companies I was consulting at, to be honest I felt that I hadn’t really connected with many people at the company and I thought playing a bit of soccer might help me bond with my new team mates. Before I knew it the game became a focal point for me. I loved it, but as a novice I simply wasn’t very good at it yet. I’ve played other sports before, so finding myself in a position of not being as good as the others was really frustrating to me. I needed to improve my soccer skills, and I needed to do it quickly. As much as I loved soccer I simply wasn’t willing to continue to be on the receiving end of losing battles.

Improving my soccer game

The first thing I did was to start watching classic soccer games. I figured that if professional athletes watch old games, then there must be something to it. I studied the moves of the all time greats, and watched how they played with their team mates. Soccer is a team sport, and learning how the great players played with their team mates was a great step forward for me. The next thing I did was buy a new pair of indoor soccer shoes. If I was going to excel at this sport then I knew that I needed the right equipment. A new pair of indoor soccer shoes would give me the foundation I needed to begin to train and play at a higher level.

The most important thing I did

Without a doubt the most important thing I did was purchase an on-line soccer training program. I knew that I needed to improve, and I knew that I needed to work more than the other players that I played with and against. Since I was new to soccer my skills simply were not up to their level. With the online training program I purchased I was able to get in the extra work that I needed. I was able to master the fundamentals, and learn the skills that I would need to succeed as a soccer player. While the online training I was doing was certainly no substitute for actually playing, I did notice that it made me improve as a player much more quickly than I thought was possible. Repetition and practice are the keys to mastering any type of sport, and online training can help you to do this even when you don’t have the time or ability to actually take the field and play.

I’m getting better!

I can now proudly say that my abilities as a soccer player are far more advanced than they were when I first took up the sport. I attribute a lot of that improvement to my own dedication, but cannot help but to acknowledge the role that online training has played in my development. The extra practice that online training helped me to get in has allowed my skills in soccer to catch up and even surpass many of the more experienced players that I play with and against.

628x471With technology advancing at its rapid pace, it’s no surprise that just about every industry has incorporated, newer, better, faster technology as a means to do business and to service their customers. The Police Force is no different. However, they operate on a much larger scale, and their business is to protect and serve. Many Police departments now have the means to incorporate such technology into their police work.
Thanks to CSI we are all familiar with florescent crime lights. Police now have access to newer, more powerful crime lights that are being used at crime scenes to detect even the slightest hair or fiber, or the faintest trace of a finger print. RapiDNA is now available to some units and is able to provide accurate DNA results in as little as 60 minutes.

Thanks to GPS on our smart phones, we’re all able to navigate around a little easier, here are two ways the police is using GPS to keep us safe. 911 dispatchers are now using GPS to determine the closest unit to the scene of the emergency and dispatch them. Without a doubt this saves valuable time in an emergency related situation. Another GPS feature now being utilized is the GPS dart system. According to the FBI one in every one hundred high speed chases results in at least one fatality. The GPS dart system allows an officer to shoot a device equipped with GPS at the moving vehicle, it attaches to the vehicle and allows police to back off in their pursuit, and the GPS device will continue to track the movements of the vehicle until it’s safe for the police to resume their pursuit.

Man’s best friend is also getting an upgrade in the technology department. Testing has been underway to have K-9 police dogs fitted with cameras and two way radios so that their handler can give commands without having to be right next to them.

Technology like iPads that we’ve all come to love, is being used to write tickets, record statements, fill out accident reports, and it allows the officer to do anything in field that normally would have required a trip back to the office. Social media is also being used by law enforcement to solicit crime tips, or to notify the public of safety concerns.

Flying drones have been incorporated to assist in a dangerous or hostile environment. The drone can reach 300 feet in the air and can display the activity without the police being in harm’s way.

Thanks to both technology and modern medicine, advanced prosthetics are now available to disabled officers who otherwise would have no longer have been able to physically perform their duties. Another advanced concept is a device that’s worn as a sleeve that has a built in video display, camera, laser beam, and a stun gun for self defense. Maybe the days of Robocop aren’t as far away or farfetched as they used to be.

Method 1: Freelancing

Freelancing in one of the easiest ways to make money on the side, there are a lot of sites that offer freelancing opportunities,the deal is about selecting the best one from it. If you go over these websites you can find that there are a lot of options to win money, even to make a full time income. Some people shares lots of interesting reasons also to do freelancing, a can give you a few:


  • You set your own work schedule
  • You Can work on any area of your interest
  • Master how to make good relations with clients, this is a great skill to have.
  • Once you have a good reputation you can charge a lot of money

For example a good friend of mine made a lot of money building responsive websites for plastic surgeons, is not dificult to make sites like this one, you just need to learn some wordpress and css skills. He’s even taking clients from other countries like Colombia, cirugia especializada is one of the sites he worked on this year. You don’t need to know what’s a “lipolisis laser” or “rinoplastia” or even learn to speak spanish, you can freelance all the activities that require spanish or niche specific skills.

What’s the best programming language to make money?

People ask me this question a lot: which programming language should i learn if a want to make a lot of money? Now the question is tricky, the answer won’t be the same for everybody, there are a lot of factors to consider. The most used languages are: Ruby, Python, PHP, Objective-C, Web related languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript,PHP) Java, .Net, C/C++. You can make a quick google search and learn the main advantages of each one.

If you don’t care about the how and all you want to do is take some quick freelancing projects, then my opinion would be in this order: Python, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. You’ll also need to learn how to work with databases the easiest ones are MySQL and MongoDB then learn how to program with it, that’s not a big problem, you can find great tutorial online.

Method 2: Make a flash game

Making online games, placing some ads on the game and them giving the game away for free seems like a bad idea.. but it can make you a lot of money. I have a good example: The Tower Defense game, according this interview, Paul Preese, the author of the game, is making $8,000 per month.

So here’s a couple of great ways to earn money with online flash games:

  1. Find an crazy investor and convince him to give you a million dollars (LOL)
  2. Find a good distribution network and promote your app to get enough customers willing to download it and pay.
  3. Make a entertaining Flash game, give it away for free, place some ads on the game and watch the ad revenue pour in when the game goes viral.

Method 3: build a trendy application

You have a million dollar idea? you can build an app and market it through different kinds of media, and find some partners.. not only internet but also other channels. This is not a quick method to earn money on the side, but if the idea is good and you find the right way to market it.. you will certainly earn some bucks out of it. So ultimately you will be rewarded for your hard wark.


What other method do you know? please share it with us in the comments!