Five Nostalgic Gadgets from the 90’s

The battle between Samsung and Apple greatly contributed to the smartphone invasion in the world. It’s probably the most convenient gadget ever made because it seems like everything you need is in a smartphone ― a means of communication, a camera, and different forms of entertainment such as games.


It’s no wonder that every person we see today seem to be looking down on their 4-5 inch screens. This made it easy for us to push our favorite childhood gadgets in the back of our mind. For the 90’s kids, you’ve probably forgotten about your Tamagotchi pet and Super Mario days.  Well, let’s take a trip down memory lane and let nostalgia take over, shall we?



Tekken, Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy were the crowd favorite back in the day. This entertaining game console is good for bringing people together. You can play with your family or invite your friends over and have a great time. Order some pizza and you have a memorable Saturday night ahead.



This 8-bit handheld gaming device was developed by Nintendo. When I hear someone say “Game boy”, the first thing that comes into mind would definitely be Super Mario. It was and still a very fun game like spin the shot to play. It’s surely the best way to kill time when you’re bored waiting for your mom shop for your dad in the men’s clothing collection.



Similar to Sony’s Playstation, the N64 also has a wide variety of games you could choose from. Who could ever forget Mario games? Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros were some of the best women jumpsuits dressy. Other popular games were The Legend of Zelda, Golden Eye 007, and Star Fox 64.



As a kid, taking care of a pet is probably what matters the most. Having a colorful look with cute characters, the keychain-sized virtual simulation game easily became one of the biggest toy fads in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s like every kid had a Tamagotchi at hand wherever they went.



The ancestor of all mp3 players and ipods is the Sony Walkman. It’s the portable audio device that allowed us to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Wolf lovers and dog lovers could sing along to their favorite tunes while drawing some wolves and walking their dog.


Among these 5 gadgets of the 90’s, what was your favorite?