Five Popular iOS Game Apps in 2017

The fact that our smartphones can do almost anything is the main reason why we always have our heads down and eyes on our 4-inch screens. There’s wifi, there’s texting and of course, there are games. One of the best ways to kill time while on the train or when waiting for someone in a coffee shop is to play some games in your phones and sitting with some experts in the industry creating and marketing the apps like the Cebu SEO specliast in Philippines. With Apple’s top game charts within access, here are five games that took the iphone market by storm in the year 2017.


Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s most iconic game has come for the iOS users! Because it seems like most people purchase iphones more than handheld game consoles, Nintendo has finally made an iOS version of the Super Mario game. It’s as easy as tapping the screen to let Mario jump. You can download this for free and you can try out four modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, REmix 10, and Kingdom Builder.


Snake vs. Block

An game that’s easy to play but hard to score high. What you have to do is swipe to guide the snake of balls and smash the blocks. It has over 100k ratings and have very good reviews from the people who have tried playing it. It gives you the kind of frustration that makes you wanna harshly take off your amazon sterling silver earrings and some clothes bought on top 10 women’s online clothing stores.


Candy Crush Saga

It’s amazing people still asked on what shoes to wear with black dressy jumpsuit and how Candy Crush Saga still belongs to the best of 2017 category. This game blew up a long time ago and is still popular until now. It’s one of the best games to play when you’re waiting for you mom to finish shopping for that elegant one piece jumpsuit. Who would’ve thought that switching and matching candies would be loved by millions of people all over the world?


Piano Tiles 2

Similar to the Taptap game before, it’s tapping just the black tiles in accordance with the music playing. You choose your preferred level of difficulty and they have lots of songs to offer. When finishing the song, the song plays again in a faster tempo to see how fast you can go in clicking the black tiles only.


8 Ball Pool

Play billiards on screen anytime, anywhere. Plus, if you have wifi, play with your friends online. It’s one of the best ways to have a good time even if you’re miles apart. Not only that, you can challenge other people from all over the world as well. You can also be involved in 8 player tournaments, and level up to play in other cities.